Saturday, June 18, 2005

Magnificent Minnows Trounce the Mighty Aussies

Going through my previous post you would defianetly fine my hatred for the Bangladeshi Tigers. But, today they did something unbelievable, they beat Australia. After humiliating defeats at the hand of England, they have certainly risen from ashes and shown the true stature of tigers.

This time no match was fixed and no complaints that the opponents werent strong enough. Australia had its strongest lineup and they really struggled. Gilly getting out on the second ball wont help his cause at the Boston Red Sox.

The win was so significant that it earned its well deserved place in ten biggest one-day upsets . Mohammed Ashraful once again proved its calibre and surprisingly with praisworthy performance from other teammates won the match for Bangladesh.

This win would definately humble the mighty Aussies and could be a new uprising for Bangladesh. Bangladesh have won few matches in the past but they never actually capitalised on those wins and over and over again fell to the trenches of gully cricket.

Best of Luck ....

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