Sunday, June 05, 2005

Calling Houston Calling

So finally after all the ifs and buts, I decided to embark on a sojourn to Houston. After doing all the required shopping I was all set to go to Houston. I left everything for the last minute, no wonder.

I decided to do some shopping. I think shopping is the toughest thing to do for a guy and even harder if he is under financial constraints lols :). Moreover u are bombarded with those "SALE" gimmicks, which makes your decision making even harder. You have to choose between quality and price which is worsen by the quantity factor. Out of 22 years of my worldly existence my mum has done my shopping for close to 20 years and I seriously can’t decide what suits me best. And yeah once again that feeling of homesickness swept me, but now being weathered against those tides I stood on solid grounds. This indeed is something that I shouldn’t be proud of.

Shopping done!! phew. Now a bigger problem of going back home from the mall, changing 2 buses than a 10 minute walk is too much in asking. Sometimes I seriously feel what my life would have been without Big R help with his car, lols. Stupid fools may think it otherwise, but I seriously mean it. Thank goodness for Big R :D.

While me and Z were still cribbing about our horrendous bus ride back home, I happened to see my friend K at Crossroads, who reluctantly agreed to give us a ride. A Desi in need is a Desi indeed :D. Went home checked out my clothes again and yeah it was a good bargain.

No Basketball tonight, sigh Suns lost :(, anyways Pistons are still alive. I can’t bear Miami and San Antonio in Finals. Allegations again surrounding R Wallace's accusations of the finals getting rigged, they call it Conspiracy Theory, i call it rigging :D. Sports are all about money, and money brings in greed. Sportsmanship and spirit are virtues of bygone days :D. So guys put your money on Pistons tonight :).

Debacle for Bangladeshi Tigers. With such teams Cricket is loosing its charm than gaining popularity. Total misery for Bangladesh as they are not able to score even 150 runs in a single inning, patethic. They need some serious thinking and fresh blood to at least corroborate there catchphrase of Tigers.

To be continued….stay tuned J

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