Sunday, October 14, 2012

memorable quotes from : Between the assassinations, by Arvind Adiga

When it comes to three things"- he counted them off- "black marketing, counterfeiting, and corruption, we are the world champions. If they were included in the olympic games, india would win gold, silver and bronze in those three."

Corruption Abbasi said. "Corruption. it's like a demon sitting on my brain and eating it with fork and a knife."

"We need one man to stand up to them."

He looked out of the window at the Bunder: this violent, rotten, garbage-strewn port, crawling with pickpockets and knife-carrying thugs-it seemed the only place where a man was safe from the corruption of Kittur.

A ship was slowly leaving the Bunder, edging to where the blue waters of the sea changed color and turned a deeper hue. It was about to hit a large patch of brilliant sunshine, an oasis of pure light.

It is her own fault if she feels wretched in their presence.

They viewed him as the product of a buccaneering adventure on the part of his father; they associated him(he was sure) with an entire range of corruptions. Mix one part premarital sex and one part caste violation in a block pot and what do you get? This cute little Satan: Shankara.

Fellows like his father belonged to no cast or religion or race; they lived for themselves. They were the only real men in this world.

is it just a fable for old men like him? If you just said to yourself,"Caste is a fiction," would it vanish like smoke; if you said,"I am free," would you realize you had always been free?

He was an overweight man entering the final phase of middle age, he breathed through his mouse, and a thicket of hair poked out of his nose. The centerpiece of his body was a massive potbelly, a hard knot of flesh pregnant with a dozen cardiac arrests.

Once India had been ruled by three foreigners: England, France and Portugal. Now their place was taken by three native-born thugs: Betrayal, Bungling and Backstabbing.

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