Sunday, May 15, 2011

Memorable Quotes from the Hungry Tide - 2

replete = full as in eaten to heart's content.

scuttling - destroying a ship by creating a hole in it to let the water enter

The sight made Piya laugh: so this is where the word 'crabby' came from , a creature so stubborn that it would rather be captured than let go.

abed - in bed - Nirmal talking abt his retirement
beset - trouble or threaten persistently - Nirmal talking abt the thought of retirement would trouble and threaten him persistently .
despondency - a state of low spirit caused by loss of hope or courage.

The true tragedy of a routinely spent life is that its wastefulness does not become apparent till its too late.

Someone who has stayed in the same job for thirty years becomes like mildew on the wall - everybody longs to see it wither in the bright light of a new day.

For if you compared it to the ways in which dolphin's echoes mirrored the world, speech was only a bag of tricks that fooled you into believing that you could see through the eyes of another being.

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