Thursday, June 11, 2009

stupendous errors with my name....!!!

grrrrrr this makes me real mad ... I understand the confusion ppl have with super long Indian and Arabian names ... but wth is wrong with ppl unable to pronounce or even spell my name ...

I get a high voltage training certificate .. with my name spelled as 'Hafim' ... and the great personal banker at HDFC in my even greater hometown ... spells my last name as 'Mally' ... that's what I call the height of dyslexia :@@@@ the later 'erudite' banker intact had my passport and number of IDs and he still makes this horrendous mistake ...

Why can't ppl pay attention to their respective vocation...ofcourse I ain't even close to be an exemplary ;)... but I atleast take responsibilty of my mistakes ... unlike these ever so reliable bankers and admins who make conspicuous mistakes and no accountability .. to irk me even more..

these are few mistakes in spelling my name ... I wudnt even want to start on how badly my name is sabotaged while pronouncing :( ... pretty infuriating many times while I spell out my name .. the last letter is always confused with 'N' instead of 'M' :((

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