Friday, February 06, 2009

We pay taxes too !!!!!

This news recently caught my eyes, and I felt injustice was done to us ( all of us on H1-B Visas). Well here is all the details on vagaries of H1-B Visas.

The news was about how few senators are trying to get this bill approved in the senate that would restrict the Corporations receiving TARP money, to sponsor an alien like US.

The news can be seen here:

The reasoning behind such a logic is the fact that TARP money being a significant portion of the approved financial bailouts was American Tax Payers' money. Once a corporations receives this honorable grant, they were to utilize that money in hiring American Citizens. Agreed !!! makes sense, but we too are paying taxes !!!. We too are sweating our brows and contributing significantly towards growth. Aren't our skills extracted for the betterment of various corporations which ultimately excel and pay taxes ??? Why such discrimination ???

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