Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wow !!! what a day !!!

Contrary to others, this day before thanksgiving, has been terribly
terrible to me. Getting through the day seemed forever. But at last
it's done phew !!!

It was tough to wake up in the morning after being drugged up on pain-
killers last night. Well I did wake up late and eventually was late at work. Today our team decided to eat outside and it was probably the only minuscule good in an otherwise miserable day. The food was good: a pizza and pasta buffet place, decently prized.

After lunch it was time for my first court appearance. All the inhibitions I had about the US judicial system it was a little worrisome. Like every other thing in lift which u don't know till u experience it, this was the same. I was all dressed up unlike the other attendees. I pleaded guilty for my speeding citation and requested for a court supervision. I was granted court supervision thanks to my good driving record. I wonder what a bad driving record would be, considering this was my second speeding ticket in two months.

This clemency would put me in some kind of driving probation where I can't afford an another moving violation. Only advantage : I won't be given bad points to my record which will help lower my insurance premium ( I hope). It also came with a hefty cost :165 Dollars against 75 Dollars the actual ticket.

That done, I reach my car and see a parking violation, for being over 10 minutes. Another ticket :(. I guess it was meant to happen, atleast it was not moving violation. I get back to work and like always to satisfy my curiosity check CNN to track the stock market, an I see a saddening pic of Taj Mahal hotel under seige :( infact the whole Mumbai city was under terror.

First thing struck my mind was the fact that one of my close friend
was staying at the Taj... goodness gracious ... I frantically started making phone calls and was informed that he was at the hotel :(

There was no way I was going to continue work ... left work asap .. came home and followed the news every was depressing to see the great Mumbai city under terror...

Finally after 6-7 tensed hours we heard that he was safe and sound...evacuated out of the taj mahal ..the city has went through this in the past nothing new...and once again. The resolve of the Mumbaikars will prevail over the cowardly acts of these terrorists ..we the worlds largest democracy will stand together and combat this threat...unity in of our cornerstone has been shaken but this will strengthen us even more ....

roz hazaron jaan jaye yahaaan
phir bhi mera desh mahaan

jai Hind ...

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