Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Corruption in Sumo Wrestling

Sometimes back when I read Freakonomics, I read about how corruption has found its way into Sumo Wrestling. Sumo is more like a tradition in Japan and it was astounding to see how certain sumo wrestlers purposely rig and loose their matches to let others non-performing Sumo wrestlers make it to elite 8.

Elite 8 is the elite group of wrestlers who make 90 percent of the money and rest are merely making peanuts.
Winning isn't everything: Corruption in Sumo Wrestling

Just today I heard on radio how after cheating, Sumo wrestling is now maligned with the menace of steroids and murders:

Reminds me of Yokozuna, the wrestler who featured in WWE with his nasty submission move. Well Yokozuna is the name given to someone who is at the top of Sumo Wrestling :).

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