Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday Night BonanzA :)

For most of the people I meet at work or outside on any given Monday,
there seem to be a sense of lethargy. People normally party hard on
weekends which eventually leads to release of this trapped nervous
energy. This sudden ecstacy results in low energy. Didn't really
know how to put this correctly in words, but I guess the messages is
conveyed :)

And I guess that's the reason why you have great shows on Monday
Nights on American Television: to spur the folks "lying low."

This Monday was no different. Most of evening was dominated by news
related to the vote against the proposed bailout by the Federal
Reserve. As for me it was the right thing to do. For once I feel that
morality has prevailed over greed. I could write pages on my thoughts
but then I would be caught guilty of diverging from the central
topic :)

So let's get back to the business :). Coincidently tonight was "Eid ni
Raat" too and I had the honors of hosting our little jamaat for namaz
+iftaari+dinner :). As usual the chai wasnt really the greatest one.
Not even close. Besides that everything was good ( I can say edible)
and calling it 'savoured' would be an overstatement:)

For us Ramadhan starts with praying and culminates with praying. And
offcourse we had a lot of praying to do today as well :). Jazak Allah
Khairan to all the Muslims in the world who prayed for peace
throughout the holy month.

After the prayers, I witnessed yet again a great Monday night football
game between the Ravens and the Steelers :). The steelers franchise is
such that once a steelers fan u remain a steeler for lifetime :) even
though miles away from the confluence in Pittsburgh.

Great comeback by the steelers who looked reckless in the first three
quarters. This will go down the memory lane, similar to last year MNF
game when Brett Favre threw that long reception to Greg Jennings in

I guess that should be it. Everything was awesome except missing Heroes.

Eid Mubarak :))


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