Monday, February 04, 2008

Jatropha in Banswara :)

Yeah this news caught my attention:

HPCL (Hindustan Petro-Chemicals Limited) has acquired 20,000 hectares of land in our district for Jatropha Cultivation. As mentioned here: and

Jatropha is an indigenously developed bio-fuel alternative in India. Most surprising is the fact that Jatropha plant grows in waste-lands in arid lands. After the afforestation of Aravalli Ghats this plantation could prove to be a boon for us. Not only it would create employment but also our people could stride in this mission of pollution-free Green World. Yay !!!!!

Some history of Jatropha can be found here. Its the seeds that grow in these plants that can be used as an alternative to diesel.

One thing that I am thinking about is; the bio-fuel derived from Jatropha; is already utilized in Indian Railways and if we really start producing enough quantity there is no doubt that the wide-spread Indian Railways could spread out in our region as well :).

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