Monday, October 08, 2007

Monday Night Bonanza

Well, if you are crazy fan like me of : Journeyman, Heroes, Monday Night Football and Monday Night Raw, then you exactly know what I am talking about. The whole deal is that all this shows are shown on Monday Night between 9-11 PM Eastern.

Well some of the most expensive advertisement spots are during Monday nights, and if everyone is crazy like me flipping channels and not viewing a single ad, I wonder who is watching them. Off course a slightly sane and more importantly an affluent person would possibly be able to afford a DVR; concentrate on one program while the others are being recorded. Uh huh its not me, I would rather prefer them watching them then, than sometimes later.

Lets start with Monday Night Raw:

Recap of Sunday's pay per view event where the Legend Killer Randy Orten became the champion and as always "history was made." Yeah yeah WWE basher may call this joke, all I can say to them: ITS NOT SUPPOSE TO BE TAKEN FOR REALLLLLLLL. Its a male version of a soap opera and not meant to be a ethical sport. Its called Sports Entertainment for a reason, duh !!!!

Then hmm: Heroes

Hiro Nakamura continues is journey back to 16th Century Japan, where he motivates Takezo Kensei: his childhood hero. He continues his motivation of Kensei by encouraging him to get the scrolls and impress her lady love. That was the only part of Heroes I was able to understand, and besides the one where Saylar tries to imbibe Candice Millers powers but fails as he himself hasn't recovered yet from getting impaled by Hiro Nakamura's Samurai sword.

Journeyman :D

One of the best episode, where I was actually able to comprehend everything. This episode was to teach a lesson to Dane that he cannot do everything :). Well scripted, Dan goes back to 1989 San Francisco to prevent casualty arising due to the SFO earthquake. Dane tries his level best to convey the message that an earthquake is going to strike but to deaf ears. His quest to save Charlotte Zilliman and Allen the Attorney fails too. He is again torn apart between Katie (his wife in the present) and Livia (who haunts her in his journey back in time).

Monday Night Football

MNF returned to Buffalo after 13 years with celebrations and fireworks. Bills heavily underdogs against 4-0 Dallas Cowboys. T. Romo (Cowboys QB) has taken the nation by storm with his heroic until he came here to Orchard Park in Buffalo. TO ( Terrel Owens ) widely touted wide receiver known for his histrionics on and off the field too got a beating. Bills defense forced 5 turnovers and with their under-rated rookie QB ( Trent Edwards) are currently leading 24-16. Well Edwards just threw an interception :( and with 6 minutes remaining it could be a the one and only costly mistake of the day. Let me go back to the game, keeping my fingers crossed for the Bills.

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