Sunday, May 20, 2007

India Vs Pakistan

If I dont debate on this topic I feel like something missing :).

Okay so I saw this video on youtube: (for reference purpose).

This guy very wells tells General 'Bush'arraf that Pakistan
should learn something from its neighbour India which too got independence at the same time and had exactly the same time to establish a governance.

He says that no matter what , Indian Democracy is so strong that no matter how worse the government is, the army wont leave the barracks and take over the reigns of the governance. Which is not possible in Pakistan, where the army is infact more powerfull then the elected government.

I guess Indian Political propaganda machine should stop raising this issue of blaming General Busharraf of not preparing grounds for democratic elections. Because, even if an elected prime minister do come up, he/she will be controlled by the army nevertheless

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Tomas Creo said...

Interesting point but I am glad that the army does not hold as much power in India. The Only problem was that the video link no longer works. If you could post another link (from youtube probably) it might be helpful. Love Democracy, live democracy.