Monday, August 15, 2005

Rift Rumors

Rift Rumors

Cricket was aptly named as the Gentlemen's game as it was famous with the
aristocrats in England. Recent developments have indeed shaken the very
foundations of this notion and its no other than the media who is responsible
for this bummer.

For instance take the three latest rift:

Ponting and Warne

Two of the greatest player in there own domain. Warne being one of the best spinner in the world and Ponting having the honor of captaining the most successful cricket team in the history of cricket. Both the players have answered there critics with solid performance and carrying Australia safely to a draw.

There is nothing going on here but still the British media the most notorious in the World is just trying to help there home team by distracting the visitors. But, Australia is used to such haphazard allegations and they have performed
even better under pressure. English media can try but in vain. Australia will
still emerge victorious. Peace.

Dravid and Ganguly

Confusions, conundrums and complexities have caused the entire Indian cricket team to fall to trenches of Cricket, may it be One day internationals or Test cricket. And as always the blame has to come on the captain. Here the media making the situation worse by flaring up a rift between Ganguly and Dravid.

Two entirely different scenarios: Ganguly suffering from a lull but a capable captain and Dravid at peak of his form but doomed to failure as a captain. So instead of trying to strike a balance and motivate the players the media is making the situation worse by creating an unnecessary fracas between the two players.

Ganguly said :"I want to make it very clear that there is no rift, no trouble, no problem between us [himself and Dravid]." It’s a strong statement and I have my full confidence in Ganguly to perform well for the betterment of his career and the Indian team as well. No better chance than destroying Zimbabwe worst than an Indian A tram to tatters. It’s a blessing in disguise and
no one can benefit from it more than Dada Saurav.

Inzamam and Shoaib

Over and over again Shoaib Akhtar has impressed everyone with his performance and over and over again he has disappointed everyone with his behaviour in and out of field. His callow attitude has indeed resulted in him being left out of the Pakistan’s successful tour of India and the West Indies.

Inzi’s cool as cucumber attitude has helped him generously. He leads a successful outfit and now as a deep thinker of the game he has proposed to reconcile with firebrand Shoaib. He knows that Shoaib’s talent is valuable and could pay vital dividends in there forthcoming tour with England.

Its time that Shoaib realize that playing a gentlemen game he has to act like a gentlemen and cool down.

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