Saturday, July 09, 2005

Ups and Downs

This is something I have been having for quite a few months now. One day i am upbeat and the next day I am down. Yes I indeed accept the fact that its not always a smooth sailing but still I feel that i havent yet learned to cope up with the downs. But, I am still trying.

Why is it that when you are down you need someone to boost your morale up, Why ????? I am not sure if this is the case with me or everyone else. For the past 5 months, I have known someone who has always helped me to cope up with my misery. Talking to whom would definately relieve that pain and help clear that mental bloc which was bothering me. Now, since she is gone - yes indeed I am responsible for all the mess once again, I have started to miss her. Why is it that you realize someone's importance only after you have lost that someone ? Too many unanswered questions !!!!

Okay so now the main thing for me to be down. I failed the driving test miserably that too in the parking stage itself. Luckily since I failed in the parking stage, I wont be charged the rent of the car next time I appear for the test. p.s This failed test is not the only reason infact it was like a spark plugg that ignited the combustion of emotions in me.

Yeah so the thing is I still dont know where I am going to land up or what God has instore for me but yeah I am trying my best to overcome this grief and accept my failure. True that failures are milestones to success but then failures dont come cheap, there is cost attached to every failures lols. So it all wraps up at the pain of losing that green. Phew !!! May be I am too confused or may be I am not ready to accept the reality of life. Do I have to feel bad for this ????

Life is a Rollercoaster, just got to ride it.......... Am i ready to accept this reality yet ?????

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Anonymous said...

nice website, hav read few of ur posts, n found them really good. nice poetry as well.
good luc!